Friday, April 8, 2011

I played with Roy Ayers last night!

Roy Ayers-where u live man? 
me-Oakland him-OH S*iT OAKLAND!? You a funky Mutha$%^& then! haha. I'm from L.A.
Me word? I'm from Pasadena. 
Him-grabs me for a big hug and we both crack up laughing! 

Roy Ayers last night was such an inspiration! Great music and greater man. WOW!!!!! I Love it when I meet my heroes and they're cool. 

I was in La Rochelle France last night and performed at this beautiful new venue along with this really cool and dope cat from Brooklyn and Ghana named Blitz the Ambassador and ROY AYERS!!! 

Before the show his tour manager came up and asked if i wanted to meet Roy and I was like yeah but lets wait til after the show (i figure he doesn't want some dude gawking at him all star struck) and he was like no lets just do it now!

He greeted me with smiles and we had a great convo about music, him playing with and being impressed by Pete Rock in Japan, touring and more. WOW. Then he ripped the stage with joints like Running, Searching, and of course Sunshine. I'm so inspired by this mans humility and grace. 

Ahhh good.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pics from my show in Besancon France.

Pics from my show in Besancon France with Les Sages Poetes de la rue! Big up to Daoldskool for the photos!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Raashan Ahmad in Vienna Austria

First time in Vienna Austria was Crazy FUN! Ill dj's, great energy and all around fun show! I'm coming back! Check some fliks from the party courtesy of Turn it up and Islistiening!!