Friday, January 28, 2011

Hotter than July-Stevie Wonder Documentary (1980)

Stevie Wonder=love.

London and Gilles Peterson's award show footage

I usually take alot more footage and pictures when I travel but i was completely caught up in the experience.

Rocking with United Vibrations (who are AMAZING), hanging with the new homie Homeboy Sandman, meeting the cats from Radiohead, talking about music and crossing genres with James Blake, plus dancing to all the incredible dj's from the night (LEFTO!!!!) and Flying Lotus' great set! WOW!!! I'm more inspired than ever and super stoked that there are cats like Gilles still exposing mass amounts of people to great music!

Anyway here's the little footage i did get from an AMAZING trip to London where I performed at Gilles Peterson's World Wide Awards show!

Good music is alive and being supported, What an inspiring night!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"For What You've Lost" WORLD TOUR DATES!!!

Peace ya'll 

I'm gearing up to hit the road to promote my new album "For What You've Lost" I'm really excited for this! I wanted to do something different with this release so I teamed up with 4 different indie labels from around the world...

Trad Vibe in France >>>>>
Paper Chain in Australia >>>>>
Milkdipper in Japan &>>>>>
A Champion Sound in U.S. >>>>> under construction

Each country has a different album cover and in some cases different songs!

All of these labels are either ran by artists I've collaborated with or are labels of fam I've worked with. So I'm hitting all these countries to do shows/press/dance/collaborate/eat/take pictures/shoot videos/meet folks and spread my music!

I'm still confirming dates so check back for updates! If you want me in your town hit me up at Hope to see you at the show and tell your folks!


* Jan 22nd – London @ Gilles Petersons World Wide awards Show

AUSTRALIA (With Paper Plane Project)
* Jan 26th - interview on the 'Stolen Records' hip hop show on FBI radio in sydney 
* Jan 27th - Melbourne @ Bar Open

* Jan 29th - Sydney @ Tone
* Jan 30th - early evening DJ set @ Ching Alings
* Feb 4th - interview on full frequency RTR radio in Perth 
* Feb 4th - Perth @ The Bird 
* Feb 4th - DJ set after-party @ The Manor 
* Feb 5th - Perth with Aloe Blacc @ The Bakery
* Feb 6th - Donsborough @ Malt bar in Donsborough

* Feb 17th – RFI « Musique Du Monde 
* Feb 18th – Paris @ La Bellevilloise « Les Nuits Zébrées de Radio Nova 
* Feb 19th – Montreuil @ La Peche 
* Feb 24th – Nantes @ Festival Hip Opsession
* Feb 25th – Caen @ La Garsouille 
* Feb 26th - Grenoble with DJ Goodka 

* March 4th - Medford Oregon

* March 11th -- Shibuya @ Balloballo
* March 12th – Fukuoka Japan @ early Believers
* March 13th -- Yatsushiro @ 1karat

* March 18th -- Caspar Ca. @ the Caspar Inn

*March 25th– Ivry @ Le Hangar
* March 26th– with Dialect Music @ Aix-en-Provence
* March 31st– with Dialect Music - Rennes @ Rennes Dooinit festival
* April 1st – Limoges @ Festival Hip Hop

* April 2cd -- Vienna (Austria) @ TBA

* April 5th - Reims @ TBA
* April 6th– Besançon @ Festival des Echanges Urbains 
* April 7th - Paris @ 5 Mars w/ Roy Ayers!!!!
* April 8th - Canal 93 @ Bobigny

* April 9th - London @ Jazz cafe w/ Hocus Pocus

* April 8th – Bobigny @ Canal 93 
* April 13th - Marseille @ TBA

* April 14th - Lyon @ La Marquise
* April 15th - Paris @ Bataclan
* April 16th – Clermont-Ferrand ou Chateaulin
* April 22cd - Lille

* May…

* I'm coming...stay tuned.