Friday, March 11, 2011

Earthquake in Japan.

I just landed yesterday for my tour of Japan.

So I was going through my set with DJ Tonk at his house when everything started shaking. Tonk was like "earthquake" then we went to the door and it kept going, then we went outside and it kept going! I never felt an earthquake last so long and being on the 7th floor I just kept having...well...crazy thoughts, the whole building was swaying. I had no idea how big it was until it was over (8.8). Needless to say my show in Shibuya was cancelled. It's the next day now and I'm still trying to figure out if I should do these shows in the south of Japan or just try to bounce out of the country. I hear all flights have been cancelled though and transportation to get anywhere is pretty much at a standstill. Trying to figure out my options. I'm safe and staying focused!

Sending thoughts and prayers to all those affected. I'll update this as I can.

facebook posts...


EARTHQUAKE!!!!!!!! Snap just had the longest earthquake i ever felt here in Japan! woah another one...


Just finished driving 4 over an hour & got less than 1 mile. The roads are packed & the trains aren't running & everyone is stuck. I keep hearing sirens going off 2. Phone's are dead & lines at the pay phones on the street are long. Its so weird to see people lining up 4 pay phones! Aftershocks seem to be getting smaller though. Looks like I'm not going anywhere tonight along with a bunch of other people. Crazy.


Hey ya'll thx 4 all the energy. I'm safe. Giving thanks for that & the fact I'm in a building with heat. Just riding out the aftershocks. I usually watch these events on tv and forget about the fear that goes along with living through one of these tragedies. This is scary. Honestly I usually feel disconnected, I have a whole new perspective now...Sending prayers to all those affected. another aftershock...


ts somewhere around 4am & another aftershock just woke me up & for about 3 seconds I had no idea where I was & freaked out! Lots of people are sleeping at the train station w/ blankets from the government & I cant stop thinking about this really scared girl I saw crying today in the middle of all the chaos. Hope the trains run today so I can get 2 the south of Japan. I'm safe. Many thanks for the thoughts & prayers!


ok so flights are up and trains are at 50 percent. we're about to try and get a train and head to Fukuoka where its pretty unaffected. Aftershocks have really slowed down and thanks to my homie Ethan Headnodic Parsonage I got a couple amazing beats to occupy my mind and to write to. Not sure when I'll get a signal for the net again but I'll post when I do. Peace.


Arrived in Fukuoka & its a different world here. Normal & pretty unaffected by the quake.It's surreal 2 see the news & then 2 walk down the streets here & see regular activity.The airport was packed w/ folks camping & trying to leave but somehow my flight wasn't cancelled. I'm staying here in the south til wednesday til I fly home. I'm good but there's lots of devastation in this country, please send prayers.


So I made it to the south of Japan & have been at my friends family's house in a small village in the country eating good food & hanging in his mom's garden. It's a REALLY beautiful traditional Japanese house & very safe. So thankful I got to get away from all the madness & experience this part of the culture at the same time really feeling sad about those still dealing with this tragedy. Tomorrow back to Tokyo to catch my flight home!

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