Friday, February 5, 2010

Raashan Ahmad-The Golden State

No matter how fresh the place is that I travel i love coming back home. I was raised in Mid City L.A. then later in Altadena California and now I stay up in the bay area. I love California...i wrote this song after sitting on my porch today listening to NWA and just loving being home. It's hella different than what I usually get down over but I dig it. Peep.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bru Lei-Jean Grae

BRU LEI is that knock!!!! Seriously I could listen to this dude rap all day. Just you tube his name and listen...dope dope dope. He stays in Sacramento by way of Columbus Ohio. I've travelled alot with this cat and he is pure hip hop. This joint is a story about his love and interaction with Jean Grae. Check...

Do Dat feat. Melina Jones-The Bridge

Man I love the bay...I met Do Dat when he was in "the Attik" and have always loved the passion,flow and meaning he puts in his rhymes. Melina Jones is my hero. She's just an m.c./singer and human being. This song is fly and definitely feels like the bay on a good day :) Peep>>>

Paper Plane Project-Pela Manha

Paper Plane Project is a crew from Australia, I did a collaboration with them called "let it bang" a while back. This is a joint they did while they were in brazil and the footage and the music work great together. These cats got beats, and the vibe is lovely..

Rita J-No Regrets

Rita J. is a DOPE MC! I recently met her when we both rocked in Brazil together, she has a dope flow and her swing and cadence is lovely! Plus her passion comes thru in this video and her music. She stays in Atlanta via Chicago and reps the "All Natural" crew Peep>>>

Steddy P-No matter how

First time I saw this cat rock he went on hella early and the crowd was far in the back of the club. By the end of his set EVERYONE was up front screaming and lifted. Steddy reps hip hop beautifully. I love this joint PEEP!

Babah Fly-Warning

Besides being the super homie, I love this joint and the D.I.Y. ethic. The beat is dope and he definitely reps his town of Denver Colorado in this video. Check for Babah fly! Big shouts to his crew Denver Avengers and Mike Wird!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Brazil pt.2

This place changed my life. So happy i got to go and travel with some good peoples...Travis (hip hop congress new mexico and the one who hooked me up with this trip!), Bryan (hip hop without borders, translater,beatboxer and all around fresh dude), Capital D (all natural crew, chicago and my new fam!) Rita J (ill femcee from the all natural camp living in atlanta, they don't pronounce the r's in brazil so everyone including me started calling her hita yay :), Gift of Gab (Blackalicious..u already know...), Dnae Beats (dope producer from the bay) YEEEE! Peep...