Friday, September 24, 2010

Bob42jh Compilation-Road to Nowhere

REALLY nice compilation I'm included on from the folks at CHECK IT!

01. Spirited Beginning (Nujabes Tribute) - Thomas Prime
02. Beach of life - Specifics
03. Patience - Raashan Ahmad
04. Just Music (Evan Awake Mashup) - Sun Zoo ft Haruka Nakamura
05. Work it out - Grap Luva
06. One Life - Last Emperor
07. L(o)ust - Esbe
08. Rhythm Of The Rain f. Tunji - Kno
09. Chillaxation - BopAlloy
10. Cosa Say - Original Melody
11. Lumiere - Blue Scholars
12. World - Infinito 2017 
13. Colouful Storms (Panacea) - Damu The Fudgemunk 
14. What You Don't Kill - Hyder Ali
15. I heard you had a voice - Shad
16. Pick me a part - Knowmads


  1. Hey man this is Bob42jh the creator of the compilation! thank you for posting it, im glad u like it! please keep in touch with us over at the blog for any future releases you have, were all fans of your music and happy to help in anway possibile.


  2. Thank YOU for spreading the music!