Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mission "Contagious"

Where it all started...As my new album approaches I'm gonna show you some of my past work. For those that don't know I was in a group called Mission which had another M.C. named Moe Pope (he has a new INCREDIBLE album out NOW) we changed our name to Crown City Rockers but here's our 1st video "Contagious" PEEP IT!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Raashan Ahmad album on its way!!!

It's official! My new album is being mixed (by friend & the multi-talented Headnodic) i met with my U.S & european label yesterday. My bro from another DJ Moar & his label Trad Vibe will release it in France. Japan & Australia are almost solid & all the guests (ohboy!) have recorded their verses. Now it's time to really start grinding! I worked really hard to make this a GREAT album! cant wait for ya'll to hear it! Sky high!!!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Belgium/France July 2010

So my crew Crown City Rockers rocked the Dour festival in belgium this year with LOTS of amazing artists. I figured since I was gonna be over on that side of the world why not get a couple shows in one of my favorite countries FRANCE! I got a couple and ended up hopping on some festivals with a group called Hocus Pocus out there as well as picking up some more solo gigs. Here's 3 weeks in about 11 minutes. Enjoy!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Raashan Ahmad-Cool Style


"Mellow Orange Music Present "Last Resort" ep. An album inspired by artists staying true to their art form and doing what they do best. This album and its music is last resort in a world that is truly dominated by commercial/radio contemporary music. However it may also be the last resort in an effort to find a place/music that people have been waiting for... "
The album features:  Raashan Ahmad, Ohmega Watts, Freddie Joachim, The Black Sunn and many more!
Out now:

Read more: AUDIO: Raashan Ahmad – Cool Style «•Word Is Bond•

Japanese Hip Hop mix!

This is dope. A compilation of all Japanese hip hop producers. I have a joint on here too! PEEP it!


1. DJ Okawari - Evening Comes 2
2. Ayur - Children of the Earth
3. Infumiai Kuminai - Never Ending Story (Track by ノリミツ)
4. Michita - Footsteps
5. re: plus - Everlasting Truth
6. Michita - Come Here
7. re: plus - Getting Close
8. Michita - Memorial
9. DJ Whitesmith - Haku
10. DJ Nozawa - Moby/My Weakness
11. Michita - Kankami
12. re: plus Featuring Nick Smalc- Never Looking Back
13. OVALL - Take U to Somewhere
14. Hammadi - Clapper
15. Suburban - Suburban (Love 2)
16. Himuki Featuring Sene - Hold On
17. re: plus Featuring Cise Star (of CYNE) - Sol
18. DJ Deckstream Featuring Lupe Fiasco, Verbal and Sarah Green - Can You Let Me Know
19. Himuki Featuring Raashan Ahmad - Alright
20. DJ Tonk Featuring Pismo - My Underground Life
21. DJ Mitsu The Beats Featuring Elzhi - Get'em Up
22. SEEDA Featuring サイプレス上野, BACHLOGIC - Hell's Kitchen
23. SEEDA - Dear Japan
24. DJ Deckstream Featuring Bahamadia - Still Here