Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tour Dates

So Im hitting some of my favorite spots on the west coast! COME THRU and tell your peoples!!! Still Booking too so check back if your city isn't listed, I do this myself and don't have links in every city so if you know of a promoter or venue in your town I should be in touch with let me know! Check it:

June 4th-San Francisco C.A.-at the Independent with Crown City Rockers
June 7th-Phoenix A.Z.-The hidden House
June 8th-Las Vegas Nv-T.B.A.
June 9th-Albuquerque N.M.-at Burts Tiki Lounge
June 11th-Denver C.O.-Walnut Room w/ Council of word & DJ Notch
June 25th-Missouls M.T.-at the Top Hat w/ Slop Star & Tonsoffun
June 26th-Bozeman M.T.-at the Zebra coctail lounge
June 29th-Boise I.D.-w/ souls of Mischief at The Reef Settling
June 30th-Salt Lake City w/ souls of mischief at Bar Deluxe
july 1st-Denver C.O. w/ souls of mischief at The Walnut Room
July 2cd-Santa Fe N.M. w/ souls of mischief at Santa Fe Brewing Company

Minneapolis, Massachsetts, New York, Chicago, Iowa and more I'll be posting JULY dates soon!!!

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  1. I found out about u by chance because I don't believe in accidents. I was cruisin the walnut room website & there u were. I admit I have been sleepin on u, but I woke up & been exposed to ur talent. June 11th show I was there with my cousin & deejaySD. when he said what's up to u I wanted to intro myself & say what up too but I chicken out. I read ur bio & watched most of ur videos b4 the show to make sure I was gonna dig it. I just wanted to say u rocked it, the crowd was ecclectic & rockin wit u. thank you for making my first experience awesome.