Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Moe Pope-"Rock Me"

Where do I start? Moe is one of my favorite m.c.'s...Listen to how easy the words come.... Any one who knows my history knows Moe as my rap partner in Mission (The pre Crown City Rockers name). He's made a bunch of beautiful music and this is off his latest release on Brick records called "life after god" YOU BETTER SUPPORT! check...


  1. This just makes me feel so good! Thank you for posting this :)

  2. wow! this song is soooo beautiful. This is what hip hop is about! the video is pretty amazing too

  3. dammmmmmmmnnnnnn...

    that video is f'ing slamming....

    the song is great too...

    i was stirred when the beat changed but everything worked out all right..

    well done Moe Pope