Thursday, January 28, 2010

More Brazil fliks

Hanging with the some of the Hip Hop cats in Canoas Brazil. With no ways to understand each others language a cipher started about 1 minute after meeting. i don't know what they were saying but we definitely felt each others energy and ended up hanging and laughing beatboxing saying key words like dilla! then everyone would go AHHHHHH! uber fresh, we ended up hanging all night. Meeting up for some b-ball tomorrow :)

These folks just fed my soul. A community group of afro-brazilians from Sao Paulo who have there own line of clothing they make (even the material to make the gear!) All the loot goes into self sustaining there culture and the designs were DOPE! African images that were placed in the most off the wall parts of the gear and color combos that popped! They were also dancing for the dude with the corn rolls in the back who's name is GOG and is literally one of the most accomplished mc's in Brazil with 9 c.d.'s he's a political cat with a dope stage presence and HELLA cool vibe. 4 different cats described him as "the KRS 1 of brazil" Getting in the studio with him today :)

went and did a workshop with these kids on the outskirts of the city (porto alegre). Crazy! We had a translater (the homie brian) with us and we talked about the struggles we face as artists (and brown people) and as a community and culture... but it really cracked off when they asked us to freestlye next thing you know were beatboxing and these cats were poppin and sliding with HUGE smiles on there faces. what a blessing,I really learned alot. Hip hop and music in general really bridges the gap.

These were more kids from the group. These dudes were mad funny! Everytime the girl who ran the program would come talk to me as soon as she walked away they would start patting me on the back and going "oooooooohhhhh she like she like" and crackin themselves up, they also had a dope dancing style. The crazy thing was how much they were paying attention when we were talking, really listening and trying to soak up the hip hop that was different than the images they had in there heads...

Signing autographs for more youth. I don't know where these 2 kids came from but they had me signing anything they could get there hands on. Watching these 2 take care of each other was dope.


  1. how truly blessed all of you are...

  2. Raashan Ahmad and R.P.3 em Canoas Brazil...Véry Good...this is the best Hip Hop...Congratulaciones and two...Ahmad is one Big Rappér...Music véry Good véry dirth! GOD ILUMINEISHON TO YOU RAASHAN AND TO LIFE !!! WELCOME IN BRAZIL MY FRIEND!!! CONGRATULACIONES...WHITE MC...R.P.3

  3. dude. you are fully doing what you were put on this planet to do!!! this is heartwarming and beautiful. happy for you fam!!

  4. I've dreamed of going to Brazil since I was a smaller browngirl.
    So nice to see your perspective. It looks like this was a really rich visit with people and music. Whenever I travel the world I find it hard to do justice to all my experiences - our world is so amazing.

    What's up with this clothing line? Do those ladies have stuff on the internet? I wonder if it is expensive to send stuff to MN. Did you get a chance to bring anything back (besides memories, lessons, photos)?