Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hey BAD show promoters here’s 10 good ideas!

Hey BAD show promoters here’s 10 good ideas!

1. How about not booking 9 groups for a show that starts at 10pm and ends at 2am
2. How about having a sound man
3. Maybe not having a group sound check only to erase the mix when they perform
4. What about promoting the show outside of a facebook bulletin
ummm lemme think.
5. How about not trying to pay me with free t-shirts and or beer/weed
6. Oh water would be nice.
7. This may be asking alot but...dont record the show and sell it.
8. Maybe you shouldn't get drunk jump on stage during MY set and make yourself part of the show.
9. How about a d.j. for the hip hop show?
10. How about not spitting in my ear when your wasted telling me what I need to do to "make it" at the end of the night when you should be paying me.

just a couple ideas!


  1. How about making sure you're at the venue while the concert's going on instead of at the movies. That way, when the local band misses their spot, there's no discussion as to when the headliners will have to go on?

  2. Freakin Ouch! I Hope you gathered that list off of several shows and didn't experience them all in one foul venue...Promoters are a strange breed;)