Thursday, November 19, 2009

By the time we get home on saturday it will be about 5 weeks that we've been away. First Osaka then Tokyo Japan then Bali Indonesia and finally a west coast run of the Americas. The shows have been great, the people have been beyond incredible, and the places I've seen have been inspirational. But as Kat put it last night during one of our intense conversations I think I'm having a culture shock.

I've heard about jazz musicians in the past going "overseas" and feeling the love but I never really got it til' I experienced it first hand. It felt like we were tricking everybody, cars picking us up at the airports and hotels, all of our gear set-up on stage as soon as we walked in to soundcheck, tours on scooters thru the rice fields in Bali, signing shoes, ipods, foreheads!, packed shows and people who don't speak my language screaming my lyrics back at me and in general feeling such a love from the people when playing our music.

Now don't get me wrong we get love here too but on a much smaller scale and after leaving there its hard to get used to poor tournouts, underpromoted shows, or great shows with EVERYBODY getting down except for those 4 people IN THE FRONT just staring and looking bored (why stand in the front???). In a way I know I just gotta realize we have more work to do. Plus it's what I love to do whether there's 5 or 5000 doing live shows is incredibly fun. Gotta make more music for ya'll to feel I guess.

anyway here a clip from one of the fun ones...Missoula Montana


  1. Its a culture difference, if I may say. Without getting too too much into it, lets just say folks here are "spoiled". Regardless, you ARE making music that people feel! And I will keep telling folks about Kat's LP, yours, Headnodic's, and CCR Projects. Keep Rocking!

  2. Missoula lookin like it popped dun!! Wish I could have been there.